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Originally Posted by melanie
garlic in moderation is very good stuff, one clove a week or similar, check vet for dosage if your worried. garlic acts as a natural flea repellant and is good for blood health, too much thins the blods and is dangerous. i give 1 clove a week to a 35kg Germ shep..if infestation is bad a garlic juice mix can be made and applied to the coat, never used anythign else really...and most ppl i know use garlic as well for the same reasons.

i dont give citrus due to tummy upset and the vet told me not to, so i never did really.

appl cores are great, i even eat them. the seed in very very lg amounts is toxic and contains a similar chem to cianide (SP?) havent you heard all the johnny appleseed stories? he was said to be trippin off his guts the whole time due to the seed (he musta eaten lots of appples, apparently something like 200 apple cores in one sitting to get of your face). but having given my dog one a day all ehr life she has not yet tripped out and discovered the light fantastic at all. all in moderation is the key with anything, give sml amounts of whatever you realyl like and see if pup lieks it or doesnt.

look all dogs have differetn reactions sometimes, some are more sensitive and have alergies etc, just all in moderation and you will be fine. PS and you will be amazed at how many vege and fruit scraps are recycled, poor hubby cant take apples to work without bringing home the core, our girl just loves apple and he feels guitly for considering throwing it out, hes too cute.

have fun ansd all in moderation
Yes garlic in moderation can be okay for some dogs (always check with your vet). It is added in small quantities to some dog foods.
Every list I have read lists apple seeds as something that should be avoided. It is cyanide which we all know is a poison. In small quantities it may not make the animal obviously ill. How much is okay? In my opinion, my dogs will live fine avoiding apple seeds. There are so many other things to feed them. Why take a chance, is my question?
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