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my dog eats all fruit and veg, and has for her li8fe of 9yrs. the only things i will never give her are cheeses, onions and citrus, any citrus is bad.

she eats grapes, but to be sure give in moderation a few a day or every few days is nice, my dog used to eat up to 1kg of green grapes (frozen like ice blocks but yummy) a week and never had any side effects, but i have cut her down a bit, mainly because of the price of grapes

carrot, broccoli, caulifouur, avocados, potato, sweet potato, tomato
(her fav), mushrooms, banaba, apples, strawberries, pipenos, passion fruit, gooseberries (but their a hassle as you have to peel them for her), mangos, apricots, pears, parsley, basil, and the list goes on and on and on and on. basically any fruit or veg i eat without onion, citrus or cheese.

i hads a friend who was an old hippy, he only ever ate curries. welll his staffie cross dingo, of course named ringo, uised to eat nothign but curry also,. ringo lived to 15yrs with absolutly no health probs and was an incredible healthy dog. so i sort of go along with the premis that they will eat like the owner, i am a vegetarian and my dog has a diet dominaated by veges and fruit, yseah she has meat but she prefers veg. she doesnot have bones any more due to an accident so now she has broccoli stumps instead for a bone substitute and she loves them, not to mention they do wonders for her teath.

so enjoy sharing your food, there is nothing nicer than sharing a mango on the beach with her, we sit there licking my sticky fingers and it is always a good laugh and fun. (not so fun when the little cow goes and eats every single strawberry in our patch, but spits the unripened ones on the ground, that makes me furious she should eat those too.). we now have gardens designed so that charlie can help herself, she often picks pepino a passion fruit, she will tear open the skin and lick out the insides, now thats a smart gal for ya who knows her fruit. :love:
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