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a question for anyone who can give me some good training tips

hi my name is Amy
I have a shepared chow cross that is about 2ish. She is a resued dog.
When we first had her she took a while to warm up to the family. she would not play with us and just wanted to be left alone outside. my husband could not call her because she would not come to anything he said but would listen to me a little better.
As far as i know she was found on the road and could not walk.
the way she acts seems like she was abused from the way she would always put her head down and is very submissive.

Now i am trying to train my dog Zasta to listen and get her to do things i need to her to like stay go lay down all the simple things right now and im having a hard time getting her to do them.
I will tell her where to go lay down and she walks all over the place or goes where she wants to go and if i go get her to tell her where to be she will not listen i will have to drag her over and she always pees. She acts like shes always getting into big trouble. I have never had a dog with problems or how about to take things slow to get her out of these habits.
the one thing that just gets me is you can try and be clam and as nice as can be about it all and she will always end up peeing and its not just small pee its a big puddle of pee.
If i could have someone plz give me tips or something to help me go about it in the right way.

thanks so much
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