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Unhappy New kitty has heart murmur but needs neuter

I just took in two 5 month old kitties from their previous home which was definately not up to par health wise. We planned for only one, but knew immediately that we had to save them both from their previous home.

Within a day, I noticed one, Bullwinkle, had an ear infection. When I brought him to the vet, they told me they found a very slight heart murmur when his heart beat very fast, but not when it beat regularly. This, they said, could present a problem when we neutered him, because he has to undergo anesthesia. They told me I could instead, have them sedate him, put him under mild anesthesia, and do the neuter through them, totalling about $180 more than it would be to risk normal neuter. They then told me that the murmur could result in no problems at all, and he could be completely fine being neutered normally, but that it just a possibility it could go either way.

I don't know that his condition is serious enough to go to all these precautions, and I can't afford to spend so much extra money unless it is completely necessary, due to the fact that both kitties need all their vaccs/neuter. I have fallen in love with both of them and will do whatever is necessary to make sure they both live happy, healthy lives, but I am struggling with all these costs!!

Do you have any advice?

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