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I'll second the patience thing! My cat was like Hamisch in that he loved just pieces of raw meat, but wasn't nearly so keen on the balanced stuff. I think it was the organs. But I was more persistent than he was, and now he gobbles up the Nature's Variety whereas he used to act like I was trying to poison him. So definitely time and patience are your best tools. Cats are naturally suspicious of new foods as a defense mechanism to avoid eating something toxic. With continued exposure, many eventually come around, so hopefully that will also be the case with Hamisch.

Can you try mixing the raw in with some super stinky canned food? Raw tends to have little odour, and cats largely eat by smell. What about heating it up a touch (some cats are particularly averse to cold food)? Or top dressing it with some pulverized treats or kibble? Maybe she'd like a different brand of prepackaged raw? I've had to use all the tricks in the book, more of which you can find here:
And I still say try going with canned for her in the interim, instead of finding another kibble:
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