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I know we all of the so called reputable wildlife control companies out there. In quite honestly, most are just in it for profit and not the welfare of the animal(s).

I have been too houses where raccoons were living in their roof. Not knowing it was baby season and didn't want to pay the fee of HWC, deceided to go with another Wildlife Control company. This company came out, put up a vent, where the mom could get out, but could not get back in. Needless to say, she had babies in there and could not get too them. Of course mom raccoon went crazy and totally destroyed there roof, worse off then it was, just to get to her babies. They call us, me and another go out and speak with them. The homeowner stated that the Wildlife Control company assured him that there could and is not babies up there. We just shook our heads. We called HWC to come and assist us. Mommy coon and babies were happly reunited.

There are alot shaddy wildlife control companies often kill trapped wildlife inhumanely. I know of someone who rented a trap, and on it stated right on it, to drown the animal. It was digusting and appauling.

As an Animal Protection Officer I wanted you to know of one or maybe the best Wildlife Control company. They are called Humane Wildlife Control. Humane Wildlife Control is the only Humane Wildlife Control that is assoicated with Humane Societies across the province and that includes the OSPCA.

Our shelter works closely with them and they assist us with wildlife that is in distress, but we can not reach. They also help us out with domestics as well. For example, called them to assist me with a cat 40 feet up in a tree for the 3 days, or the mom kitty and her kittens were living in someones roof.

If you ever need a wildlife control company, please call HWC for the welfare of the animals.


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