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And Jason Priestly(sp) is Canadian......

I watched a bit of that show Chany...Just couldn't get into it.

As for the TPB's,oh man,Brad is soooooo into that show....LOL

As for Canadian show and actors,I love my Paul Gross from Due South.He is such a sweetie.I have known him for about 10 years when he first did the show.A friend of mine is the Property Manager of a complex that has warehouses where filming is done.He also produced Men with Brooms and is in it..Also went to the set sale and got a few things there from the movie.I actually got to meet alot of actors.Sofia Loren,Leslie Neilson and so on.The last one was Adrian Paul from the show Highlander and Tracker.Man I love his Scottish accent.And he IS a babe.....
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