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Oh Poopie Kitty!!

Someone has been leaving presents in our beds on occasion and of course with 4 in the house, it's sometimes hard to figure out the culprit. Finally today, went to put clothes in my room and there was a little present in my bed, still warm and Coco had just been in there!! I must be one of the most tolerant cat moms on the planet!! Coco...Coco...Coco..what to do with the Coco!! Fortunately, he doesn't have the runs! He's had anal gland issues in the past. He's pooping quite nicely actually...hahah I said to my Mom, at least this way I can tell he's pooping okay! Thank goodness they eat good food now, cause he's not stinky at all, just enough so I can go in and present time again! Oh the joy of senior kitties! I think he either gets caught short or forgets what he was doing. I may see about putting a litter box in my room, don't really want to as I have carpet but I may try it anyway. I can't get mad, he's such a sweet old man, just pick it up, clean up and go on!!
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