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I hadn't been to this part of the board yet, and I'm starting to think I shouldn't have. It could be a case of bad parenting of these boys, but more than likely it has more to do with them than anything being complete mentally screwed up (I can't say it any other way). There are many studies that show that people who start off abusing and torturing animals, even at a very young age, have the highest potential for moving up the ladder and becoming serial killers and rapists, and who knows what else. Hey, look at Paul Bernardo, he's a good example of this. I may sound harsh, but I think they should lock them up for good now while they are ahead. But ofcourse they won't because of all this young offenders garbage saying they don't know any better because of thier age. I seriously think they need to re-vamp that anyways.

Sure I believe the parents need to be seriously investigated, but those kids need to be locked up. And not in one of those silly young offenders open custody houses with nintendo and televisions.
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