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Originally Posted by Reg View Post
Hi Tiggy2:

Sorry to hear you are still having problems with Tigger. I've had some experience feeding raw using a syringe. I found that pork seemed to break down more into a slurry that was suitable for a syringe.

I've used Pork in the past, but I was concerned that it might be too high in fat.

I have some questions for you.

What are you using presently for recipe for raw food? Is it the one that SCM suggested back in June of 2013?

The receipt I've used is from Dr Lisa Pierceson? I haven't made any for awhile due to the extra load of foster kittens/cats. I have a grinder and made a batch last week for Tig, but can't get the bones ground down enough for syringe, so I hand fed him but he would spit it out and then started to throw it up so I stopped that. Right now I'm feeding him recovery canned food from vet, not top on my list but I need to get calories into him. I've also fed him ground cooked turkey with not a lot of luck. The recovery he seems to tolerate and will actually lick from the syringe.

Do you have your own grinder? And have you been doing the bone grinding as well with the raw food - ie, chicken or turkey, or even rabbit?

What are you using for a syringe? Is it the medical type or something like the farmers' Co-op or feed store sells for force feeding?

I do believe I bought the syringes from a drug store, it was over a year ago but I think that was the only place I could get the ones that have rubber that will last.

In regards to Tig's bowel movements - are you able to observe any blood or mucosa in them? I haven't noticed any reference in past articles or postings.

I have not seem him have a poop as he has a tendency to go outside to do that. If I follow him he just runs away from me. I have to kind of catch him in the act at a distance and then dash over when he's done to see what's what. I'm almost afraid to look.

The suggestion is that it could be IBD, but it might be IBS, which is a lot more difficult to deal with, and there is a difference in the two.

I have never heard of IBS, I'll have to look into it.

I dealt with Missy for years under the impression of IBD and really not being able to get a handle on it. It wasn't until about the last 6 months of her life, that we realized that we were dealing with the Syndrome and not the Disease. In short - the syndrome is an allergic reaction to certain protein - like chicken. The disease seems to be more of a reaction to manufactured foods.

How did you find out what the problem was. What were the symptoms?

I'm more in Marko's ballpark when it comes to putting him down. There isn't enough information - to my way of thinking - to put him down at this point. It's more of getting a handle on his present problem to see if you can get him back to more comfort.

I agree, I get so disheartened, he really does not like me now and looks uncomfortable and soooo thin only 8 pounds all bones.

In regards to stress. From my experience with cats, we as humans have no conception of what they go through and how long the situation causing the stress will affect them. We just went through a lot of it before parting with Missy and then to loose Shadow a few days later - specifically due to the stress of Missy being gone - and we were in the midst of a major move. We really had no idea what was going on in their minds. Had his situation been classed as human - it could have been called a type of suicide.

I really think stress plays a factor and my stress only makes him worse, he's very much atuned to my feeling, so me being stressed over him and all the sick fosters has not helped him any.

Anyway, back to Tig. If you can answer some of my questions, I can send you the web site for the pork recipe and how I work with it to make it syringeable - if there is such a word?

That would be great. Is pork hard on their digestion? Is fat hard on the bowels if he has IBD?

One last question - have you ever contemplated an integrative vet or alternative medicine for Tig ? I have looked into that e-tube feeding too. I have not used it, but it looks good for long term. It really cuts the stress level way back for the animal.
I'm scheduling an e-tube as soon as possible, probably in the New Year, I'm hoping this will help both of us, im very tired of being the bad guy and I can't syringe feed again for another 4-5 months, it's too much for us both. He's on an antidepressant now to stop him from spray the entire house, I'm hoping it will also help with his anxiety. I have feliway all over the house and am trying to incorporate other calming space for cats etc.

I'm just so tired of worrying about him and not know what's going on, at this point I have no life outside of cat care..ok so that my pity party

Any other info, especially with foods that work with syringe feeding or e-tube is much appreciated. Thanks again
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