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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post

The last two years have been very wet and lush, GF, but a more normal spring / early summer around here is much drier. We live in the middle of hundreds of thousands of acres of forest and some years it's been like living in a tinder pile. The DNR often parks firefighting trucks a mile down the road at the lake so as to be closer to possible trouble areas during dry years. We're about 30 miles or so from the ranger station so that saves them a good 30-40 minutes response time if there's a fire.
You must be enjoying this Summer as much as I did ours then? I couldn't recall a better one for us, no risk of fires at all. That was a result of a La Nina weather pattern though and I don't think we'll have that next Summer. Scary that they put that firetruck near you, but reassuring in a way. How populated is it where you are? What sized blocks?
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