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It does look very purty and the daisies and hawkweed do look very nice. Too bad they are so invasive.

Would be great if you could introduce some native flowers as well. However, with the daisies growing so prolifically, you may have trouble.

True shasta daisy cultivars are supposed to be sterile. I am wondering if what you have are either oxeye daisies or an accidental hybrid rather than a true shasta daisy:

Shasta daisy is a cultivar (originated from) of Oxeye and was originally sterile, but can revert back to being fertile. Oxeye plants can be found sold through nurseries and as seed in wildflower mixes. The two plants can cross breed, resulting in an invasive hybrid that is difficult to distinguish from either parent.

Apparently daisies are shallow rooted and hand pulling can get rid of them over time (that is if you want to spend the next several springs and summers pulling daisies). I'm sure you have better things to do with your time.
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