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Ooooh, nice Irises too! I have a "black" one that is gorgeous, but it is already over. It doesn't last long, only about 10 days.

Your Delphiniums are beautiful! Your lilac one has black eyes, and mine has yellow eyes. The blue with white eyes I have and is on the verge of blooming now. I also have a giant darker purple one, and a bunch of others! The Delphiniums are awesome because they last sooo long! I have a new cultivar this year I have never seen is magenta! I'm not sure if it will bloom this year as it hasn't really grown much even though I planted it about 6 weeks ago. A bit concerning...

I love bulbs, I planted about 300 last year. Hehehe...addiction? We are in a new (to us) home so I just started planting the gardens last year.
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