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Since they became illegal, there is a HUGE market for them now, even using the word market makes my stomach clench up but sadly to these people that is what it is.
You have to watch the "American bull dog" ads now since kijiji will no longer list Dogo's, "pitbulls" or Am.Staffs for sale unless from a reputable rescue. People know when they are seeing ads for American bull dogs with no papers, they know they are inquiring about "pitbulls".
In the next town over from us there is a woman doing this, I believe this is where elmo came from origionally since i creeped her facebook ( she doesnt know how to set privacy settings) and there was a pup in her photo albums that HAS to be Elmo.
She just had another litter, there are a lot of us scratching our heads trying to figure out what we should do. Report her? and know that the pups and parents will be killed or ???? I personally wouldnt want to know that because of me a litter of innocent pups dies because I reported her, but on the other hand, if we did report her we could save countless lives. Still she will just start up again.
Like I said, when I'm working on reservations now every second house has a "pitbull" or two where they didnt before.

Sorry to thread jack so badly Bastien, this is the world that you are now going to get very familiar with though just because of what your cutie pies may slightly resemble.
Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyways. ~John Wayne
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