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Originally Posted by StaceyB
Be careful not to comfort her fears.
One of the most common things people do when their dog is acting fearfull is to tell them it is ok, or that they are good and it is ok, or pet them etc., without realizing they are reenforcing the fearful behaviour. It is best to carry on as if nothing has happened. I ususally say "you're being silly and keep on with what we are doing".

I have a 77 pound GSD, my next door neighbour got a min Shnauzer last week. He is nervous of Lola, when he comes to visist which is frequently, I make sure that he has contact with her, but make sure it is in a space where he can go under something like a chair if she is too much for him. The first couple of times he came over he stayed right away from her. Yesterday, he followed her around a bit and acutally chased her tail and went into play stance. Lola also understands gentle, leave and baby, so that helps, not to say she hasn't gotten carried away and put her big paw on him.

The other thing you may want to try is a word like "friend" said in a really upbeat manner around people and other dogs that he is comfortable with and integrate it into his meeting other dogs. I've done it with my rehomed dogs, when I wasn't sure how they would react to people and dogs and it has worked well. I usually use it in a sentence, something like "look a friend and babble on in really upbeat tone repeaditly using friend in the sentances".

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