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Having Schnauzers, I get asked all the time if they are hypo-allergenic because they don't shed. The answer is simple, there is no such thing as truly hypo-allergenic, some dogs will cause less problems because they shed much less hair and dander, but no dog can claim to be actually hypo-allergenic. While dogs like schnauzers and poodles don't go through seasonal sheds and need to be groomed as the hair continues to grow in the same way that human hair does, you will still find hair in the home on a regular basis. Mind you, now that menopause is setting in I sweep up more of my own than the pups
I have placed a foster in a home with a family who had a person who was allergic to dogs and she did tolerate living with a schnauzer quite well but that will not be the case for everyone with allergies.
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