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Originally Posted by Black_Twilight View Post
Hello everyone. A while ago, a kitten would come around my boyfriend's house everyday to eat and sleep. It was a male kitten, all black and very beautiful. The kitten was in rough shape. He had a tick in his ear, his fur was all scruffy, his eye's watering and he seemed very cold and lonely. My boyfriend gave this kitten to me, and i had taken the tick out, bathed him, fed him and gave him everything a little kitten could ever need and want.

After a while, i started noticing that he isn't playful at all, for a 5 month old kitten. He isn't even active to the least! I've tried everything i could think of. I have closed my bedroom door, and put him on the floor.. but he would only walk far enough to get to a place he could lay down and sleep. (Like a chair, bed, couch, ect..) He seem's to walk okay, but just doesn't like to be active.

Also, i have been feeding him dry cat food. It seemed to be fine for a while. But this morning, i noticed that Twilight had vomited beside his litter box. What is wrong with him? Is he sick? Does he need medical attention asap?

I adopted this little guy the day he came to me. I couldn't put him back out, and i couldn't give him up! I hope someone can help me, as he's become a big part of me now.

Thank you.
could be any numbers of things, but giving dry food is not good. cats can develop kidney failure from eating dry food all the time, give him some proper meat and rush him to a vet incase it is serious like: Pancreatitis in which he would die within hours without treatment as it is life threatening.
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