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Originally Posted by crazee4critterz View Post
(My apologies if this topic has been dealt with.) Does anyone but me find the fact that vets with years of training do not seem to have much knowledge about animal nutrition -- I mean, other than which commercial pet food, sold on their premises, they should promote?!

As a recent advocate of BARF diet, I am shocked that when I tried to find a vet who had a specialty in animal nutrition, I just couldn't. There are several with "holistic" specialties in the Toronto area but really, nobody states outright that they specialize in nutrition. My own vet knows nothing except that he was quick to add that we can all get food poisoning from dealing with raw meat...I mean, how do WE first get our own meat? It's raw until we cook it, isn't it? We keep our counters clean, don't we? I don't get this argument. What are they so afraid of?

To my mind, there are so many people now becoming familiar with the idea of biologically appropriate diets, that veterinary practices ought to be up on this issue for the sake of animal health and proper regulation of the raw diet industry. After all, how do we know what we're buying when we purchase raw ourselves? How do we know the right proportions of each ingredient?

I've heard and read different theories about supplements vs. no supplements; adding vegs and fruits vs. none; tripe and offal -- how much or how little? All of these issues are still up for grabs, as far as I'm concerned. I would just like to know whose word one can trust and even more...where can I find a vet who knows ANYTHING about this subject other than..."You can get food poisoning, ya know!..."! This is 2013, after all! Geesh!
This was just brought up in Feb. TJT . We where talking about vets not knowing about animal nutrition . Maybe a holistic vet would know more about
animal nutrition . One of the vet my dog saw told me she did not know a lot about how to cook homemade dog food. It is frustrating going to a vet and not getting the anwers you want. And vets do not always agree with one another so this made it harder to know who listen to.
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