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Well I bought a box of the bone-in chicken. It was $20.25 for 19.2 lbs (4 sealed packs in it). I dug around in it and the biggest bone chunks I could find were around 1/2" which I can't see being a problem, at least not for a 75 lb American Staffordshire Terrier. I saw also when I was there that Mountain Dog Food also puts out a "small dog blend" which I assume is ground finer.

My biggest complaint about the food so far is that it seems to have quite a lot of fat/skin. Turkey is a much leaner bird though, so maybe their turkey product has a lower fat content.

Mountain Dog Food bone-in chicken 14% protein, 18% fat, calcium 1.4%
Carnivora bone-in chicken patties 16.6% protein, 19.3% fat, calcium 0.9%
Pets Go Raw bone-in chicken sausages 15.26% protein, 7% fat, calcium 1.3%
Nature's Variety chicken (with fruits and veg) 13% protein, 6% fat, calcium 0.32%

Hard to compare the Nature's Variety though because they don't offer a product that is just chicken and bone. I notice a big difference in the amount of calcium which should be a fairly good indicator of the amount of bone in the product.
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