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The end of the story of Boots

It has been a long time, but two days ago I finally learned what happened to Boots from the neighbor who moved into the house next door, where the construction had been going on. They moved in in October, and during the process, found a very wet and cold Boots hiding in the debris under the deck. He was very weak and thin, with the remainder of his injured leg completely rotted from gangrene. She said it was pitiful. They had to call Security to end his suffering. I knew he had to be gone by now, but it broke my heart. It's devastating.
Meantime, a new stray cat appeared in my yard. At first I thought she was Boots' brother Luna, the white cat, but she was very friendly and came up to me immediately - so it was a NEW (skinny) white cat! She began to visit daily and soon she began to get plumper. At first I thought she was responding to being fed, but no - she was pregnant. Rats! So...I brought her in. On Oct. 9 she had 3 little ones - 2 white and one tortoise. They are now 8 weeks old and 2 will go to their forever homes this weekend. The little white female is tentatlvely placed, and I think I'll keep mom. I had her spayed 2 weeks ago. She is lovely.
So while the tale of Boots didn't end happily, there are new lives that will be taken care of by good people.
Thanks for your support in all this.
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