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Grrrr, allergies are so frustrating!

I started him on beef, which he gobbled up for the first 2-3 weeks and then started flat out refusing it! I did a bit of "tough love" with him cause I believe if everytime a dog refuses to eat something and you give them something else, eventually they learn that whenever they don't like whats in their bowl if they are stubborn enough eventually you crack and give them what they want! However, it was starting to creep up on 2 days and he wasn't eating so I did cave and now we have switched to duck. He also did the same stint with bison. The duck seems to be going well so far though... I have reduced his steroid meds from the vet for his allergies down to every 2nd day instead of every day so hopefully it keeps up!!

I also have limited access to a hunter/butcher etc. and have very limited freezer space! I have 3 dogs on raw and have to jam all their food in the freezer on my fridge!! Although I can fit enough in there to stock them up for a few weeks, I don't have the luxury of being able to take TONS of meat at once, and I sometimes end up paying more for meat simply because they are running low and I have no choice... still we are managing!

I have limited selection here for different meats... although I can buy frozen duck patties with veg's, organ's etc. at my local raw food store for about $2.00/lb. I realize this is not super cheap, but it's not too terribly bad. And luckily the little guy doesn't eat much!!
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