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it also depends what is available to you and what you can afford.
Scruff has allergies too, and seems to react to all birds. Well he hasn't caught a magpie yet!...but he reacts to chicken, turkey and duck.
Bison gives him the trots (the pre-made bison patties from the raw meat store).
Even the kelp mix I was adding to his beef gives him itchy-ear.
He does best on beef and my home-prepared super-de-duper veggie mix. Ok he may not need veggies but on just raw meat (plus bone/organ) he'd easily eat two pounds a day and that adds up in a hurry. Especially if you don't have a butcher or hunter in the family.
I can get darn near anything here but it can be pricy. Rabbit, game, bison go for way more than regular beef.
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