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if you are using irfanview


1) Once you have downloaded the program find the picture you want to resize.
2) Double click and it should open in irfanview
3) Once it opens click on the top where it says image look at the list. It should say resize/resample click on that.
4) on the right hand side you will see numbers 640x480…….800/600 and so forth I usally use the 640 or the 800 click on one of them..
5) then click on ok. The picture will be resized..
6) go to the top and click on file (left hand side)
7) then click on “save as” two boxes will appear. One will be where you want to save the picture to (a different file) the second will be the file size put your curser over the little box you see and move it so that the number on top of the little box says 38.. the lower the number the smaller the file, you will still have a big picture..
8) make sure when you save it one of the boxes on where your going to save it says JEPEG it on the bottom of the big box and click ok..
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