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less poop oh boy I like that

None of those brands sound familar to me I guess they are sold in pet stores I never usually go into them except for buying treats, or collars leashes licences etc..... I shall have a peek.........

I guess what I was referring to when I said diet change was real people food... I saw that some of you give boiled chicken , turkey , Raw diet, even canned fish could be good , so I was looking for some sort of site that could give me ideas on healthy people that make sence?

I also saw that some of you feed rice or potatoe as well almost sounds like I could just make an extra plate for ursa, provided it was a sort of heart friendly diet, like.... only boiled or fat or sauces of course but just straight veggies and meat, without the spices I would want to make sure that she got all her required nutrients and I do have a full bag of pedigree to finish up while I research this diet change and be 100% sure of what I am doing and why!!

Did any of you have odour problems with things.....lmao....I could always tell when my mate had snuck Ursa a good helping of leftovers as I could smell the after math of it during the night....peeeeeeewwww although Im sure the sauce or gravy or spices had something to do with it
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