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More educated ? or confused?

I have been kind of lurking around in the threads containing information and disscussions on pet food And today I was gobsmacked

I like many others thought I was feeding my dog well giving them what I thought to be good quality food.

I went surfing away on a link that Carina posted and to my horror found that my so called good quality food is full of everything it apparently shouldn't have! BHA/BHT Double listed ingredients, food colouring etc. etc.

The more I read the more confused I get . I originally thought (before I came to this site) that feeding a dog human food was a no no, would just lead to obesity, I had learned previously that fruits and veggies were ok and low fat, bandit used to love the pea pod skins and apples carrots...etc.....

I am guilty of watching the commercials and believing in them, after all I feed my dogs Pedigree, one of the best.........or so I thought

I am seriously going to look into changing Ursa's diet as I am apparently not feeding her as well as I could be.

Is there a How to ......or easy to understand site that I could use as a guide on how to swith over a diet ?.......and which diet might be best suited for her disposition....ex. hips, age, breed etc......

The more I read the more I want to learn, I think my mate is starting to think I am obsessed since Bandit has passed, It's a shame that it takes a tragedy to open ones eyes to reality but I am slowly becoming to realize that I should be more skeptical about things and less .....oh I dont know....Gullable?
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