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Those are all so cute and I wish I had one to share to but all I have is a story that I hope you will like. I wish I had video of this story but it pre-dates such a camera for us.

Our new humane society rescue kitten bonded to the dog like glue. He loved her and she was pretty happy with him as well. Out they went one morning and sat on the deck at the top of the steps. As was her custom the dog, a Lab, sat with her front feet down one step so her head was a bit closer to the orange kitten. And I loved my view of the backs of their heads, side by side, one higher, looking straight down the yard together. Then a squirrel jumped in a tree to the left, and both heads swivelled left and up in unison. Then a bird landed in tree to the right and both heads turned to the right in unison, bodies still sitting side by side, maybe touching. They are both gone now but this is just one of many precious memories I have of them in my heart.
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