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Originally Posted by catdogmom View Post
she's pretty much living on tuna.
catdogmom Please get your cat off tuna asap and onto anything else she will eat. Tuna can be highly addictive for some cats to the point they refuse to eat anything else - this is critical for a CRF cat and it's really not that good for even healthy cats.

Originally Posted by catdogmom View Post
There are a couple of supplements available too. My vet gave me some Azodyl to try. The problem with this one is it is capsule form and the capsules need to be given whole for them to be effective. That is not happening at my house!! It did not go well.
While it is most effective given whole I've read some people with kidney cats/dogs still have success with opening the capsules & sprinkling it on the food so it's worth a try if you still have the Azodyl, remember to keep it in the fridge
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