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You might find some help at the link above. It's very easy for any Tom, Dick or Harriet to call themselves a "dog behaviourist" and set up shop. There are no legalities than must be followed, credentials that must be obtained or training that must be proved. The designation "animal behaviourist" is one that can be given after years of study at a university. Be sure to check out who you deal with very carefully. That said, at the link you should find people who do have years of experience with dogs and through their membership as trainer in CAPPDT are at least held to some kind of standard, ethics and professionalism.

Such a person near me (not near you) does specialize in aggression cases and is the person who screens incoming dogs for a local shelter. He also is available for private consultation. Thus I suggest you contact some shelters and rescues near you to see if they can make some recommendations.

Another idea is contacting a Pyr. breeder near you. Even if it is not a dog of their breeding someone might be willing to meet you and your dog. I think a fee for such service would not be unreasonable.

Not to discourage you but on another forum I look at a member has a Great Pyr. and he did not show any signs of aggression till about age 3. It is not unheard of, apparently, for this breed to have such issues. In this dog's case though, they are conducting many, many health tests and the last report is they think something might be wrong with his thyroid.

Good luck. Great Pyrs are such beautiful dogs. I've always thought they look a lot like Newfies and I always sort of thought it would be nice to have one of each. NOT to breed, just to have for the coat contrast, one black, one white.

ETA: Did you find this site in your searches?
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