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yes that is what shocked me, that I was giving my opinion.. and you jumped on the harness thing.. and now this is all about harnesses, and yes you did tell me that harnesses were wrong.. I have not said collars are wrong, but sometimes a harness is a better choice. I am glad you chose quotes. But if you read all of it, you will have learned that a collar is NOT always safe for all dogs. and that is my point. If someone objects to using a collar for any reason that should be fine. The equipment should not be an issue. But I think i see where we conflict.. I don't really agree with using negative reinforcement, if you do, and some people like that, great! I however don't agree with inflicting pain to get the response you want. Especially if it is just to get the response faster. I like to ignore bad behavior and reward the positive. And it works for me.
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