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Thanks for that link luvmylabs! I think there was a great point made there.

Just remember that each dog’s temperament, breed, and weight differs, and thus so should their training methods and equipment. Get to know your dog.
That's so important - every dog is differently and reacts differently to certain types of stimuli and tools.

So if someone came to you with a young puppy for training, and did not like to use a training collar but wanted to use a harness you would tell them different?
If they wanted to use a safe harness, yes. But not the traditional harness. I absolutley do not believe in them (I'm sure you could tell), and if the client did not want to use a collar we would have to sit down and go through all of their other options.

And a training collar is meant to get tighter as they pull, so it is a negative response to pulling, do you not think this could harm a VERY young pup, or small delicate dog?
From experience, no, I don't believe that a martingale collar will harm a young puppy or a small dog. They are made to be safe and comfortable, when used correctly and sized properly. And I think that is the important point to remember - if someone does not know how to properly use any type of collar/harness and if they don't properly know how to correct their dog or train through either positive or negative reinforcement - they just shouldn't do it. A professional should be contacted. But that's for another thread.

If someone chooses a harness it is not right to tell them they are doing something wrong, and will create problems for themselves.
I agree. But in this situation the OP did not say anything about choosing a harness, which is why I brought up these points so that they were aware of all their options. I would never tell anyone NOT to use a harness, just like I did not tell you to stop after you told me you used a harness on your dog. If it's successful for dog and owner, then I would never expect anyone to stop. I think it is important though to be open-minded about the different tools and educate ourselves to know as much as we can about them.

And yes, I think we've both basically been saying the same thing, just in different ways.
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