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Gail, very true. Thanks for clearing that up. I thought I mentioned in that comment that I was referring to the traditional harness that you find in your petstore - the one that many people purchase off the shelf for their dog - but I probably didn't. You're very correct however - there are a variety of harnesses that are built differently than the average harness and okay to use on a working breed, more inclined to pull. Thanks for clearing that up.

luvmylab, I'm really sorry you feel like I'm ripping apart your statements - that's absolutley not my intention. I just felt like some of the things you were saying could be taken the wrong way; and if someone felt like something I said was inncorrect or could be taken the wrong way, I would want them to correct me (just like Gail did above in this same thread).

I'm not here to argue with you, or change your views. One of the things I love about this forum is the differing views from all the owners and the fact that we have the opportunity to voice our opinions. If mine doesn't jive with yours, that doesn't mean I'm trying to attack you or change your mind. The goal here for everyone is to give the OP a wide variety of advice and experience. It's totally not personal, sorry if you took it that way.

You will never convince me that harnesses are not good EVER
Again, sorry you felt like that's what I was saying. I believe what I actually said was that I would not put a harness on a PUPPY, if you reread my comment.
Interesting about the Shih Tzu. I've actually never heard of that particular breed being threatened by wearing a collar, so that's good to know. (Could you reccomend any links or websites or books that I could look this information up? I googled this, but can't find it. )

**Edit** Sorry, nevermind, I'll just search the thread you mentioned. Thx!
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