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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Phoozles,I don't think you know me,but we've decided our kitty Chico will have the RAID treatment.
Our problem is,the Toronto location had an electrical fire and flooding,will not reopen before another 4 months,we are in Oakville.

The other alternative is London Ont,which is ok,but it's 2 hours away,however,I am certainly willing to drive.Now that we have decided this route for Chico,I am eager to go ahead,where did you take Jake?
I am glad Jake is doing good!
chico2, are you still on this site? I was wondering how the cats have been doing as I read some of your others posts? Do you still have Chico and Vinnie? Do you have other cats now? The spraying posts were funny LOL! Do you happen to have any video of them spraying outside as it would be funny to see them competing in spraying the same bush!
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