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Welcome from the Admins, Mods and other members (THIS forum - just to say hi)

Hi Everyone and Welcome,

We are glad you found and we welcome you to our community. This is an amazing forum with great information and great members that share their knowledge.

Please take a moment to read the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) and posting policy so that you become familiar with the feel and guidelines of this bulletin board.

I'm Marko one of the ADMINS. The other ADMIN is Dave and we also have amazing moderators that help us. We are here to help, so please PM (send a private message) one of us if you have questions. We will try to respond ASAP.

Please note: This particular forum (Introduce yourself here) is just for saying hi and introducing yourself. ANY particular problem or other issue should be posted one time in the most appropriate forum. (Example: don`t post a training problem in this forum - Post it in the training forum)

Once again, Welcome!
Please tactfully EDUCATE or IGNORE posters you don't agree with.
Please PM me & Include URLs and post #'s for any issues and it's my pleasure to help.
I'm firm - but fair. Mind the Rules and enjoy your stay.
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