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I appreciate all advice, I just want a happy household!

It's not Gizzy, it's Forest who pees when scared. Grabbed by the neck is what I meant but we haven't done that since February.

Forest isn't avoiding me or anything, I've just chosen to stay away from for awhile for fear that he will pee just cuz I walk by him now.

I know cats are knocturnal and more active while we're sleeping at night, but b/c I'm not working I have a different sleeping schedule then everyone else. So today I went to bed at 6am to read and make me sleepy, and that's prolly when they woke up to play and run. They know that I always come out when I hear noises. So I guess it's too much to expect for Forest not to pee and be surprised when I do come out? And I'm guessing there's no cure to make him not pee when he's scared?

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