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You're probably not going to like what I have to say.

The type of peeing you describe is fear based and an extreme reaction to being under stress. He is obviously afraid of you now because of the "scruffing" (do you mean being grabbed at his neck?). It's obvious Gizzy is a very sensitive cat, and you'll have to make efforts to regain his trust again. If he looks like he's trying to avoid you, sit on the floor and try to coax him to come to you---use treats if you have to. If he does come, do give him lots of loving, and play with him. Give him lots of attention. Your yelling upset him as he knows you're mad and displeased with him. If he pees out of fright, just clean it up, don't yell at him or sound angry. In fact, you should do the opposite, with a sympathetic tone of voice say, "Ah Gizzy, did I scare you? I'm sorry!" You and hubby will have to be consistent with this, and don't yell at or be angry with him. This is a very stressed cat!
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