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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
I guarantee you Zuzu would not go back for more if she was being attacked.

You are absolutely right L4H. Zuzu would be cowering somewhere hiding from Ziggy and would be running every time she saw him. Not going back for more.
I never thought of that. Brain blip big time today.

So now that we've given you all this additional info are you totally confused?
Totally confused!!!! That's why I call her "battered kitty syndrome" because everything I have read says she should be running far far away once I get him away from her but she doesn't really.

She will go hide under the footstool in the same room where she has to know he can still get her...he does everytime

Originally Posted by Frenchy View Post
I was thinking the same. Is Zuzu screaming while she gets "attacked" ? If not , maybe she doesn't mind ?

She is not what I would call screaming but she is meowing and hissing sometimes. I wonder if she wants to play with him but he just plays too rough? Even at that though, wouldn't she have stopped "playing" with him by now if she knows he is going to be rough?

Cats can take a long time to get settle. Try to not worry so much new kitty mom

Thanks, but I worry I figure if I am the one who got them out of there then I am responsible to keep them safe and healthy. I would hate for something awful to happen because I was not paying attention...I KNOW you understand that Frenchy

Originally Posted by krdahmer View Post
There are always some kind of scuffles going on around here....what you described sounds like a common fight for dominance...there is always one cat or another here trying to go at the 'bosses' here.
If so, how will it end? (it has never ended without me breaking it up because I HATE the noise and can't stand the thought of my little Zuzu getting hurt LOL) How will I know when to break it up or when to let them work it out? That's the part I am really really unclear about

Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
Di - Is there any way you can tape their fights and post one here so we can see what is happening? Maybe then we can help set your mind at rest.
I was just logging on to say that I will try to stomach an incident long enough to tape it so you can all see what I mean. If it is normal then I hate to keep separating them if they are doing what comes naturally. If there is danger though, I am perfectly happy to live separate lives. As I have said, I totallly love both of them!

Thanks for all your time and help, all of you. I am sooooo confused and just heartbroken that they are not happy here. I have heard repeatedly that cats take time so maybe there is a chance it can still did work in the beginning so maybe we can get back there
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