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Ziggy: Mean Gene, Zuzu: Battered Kitty Syndrome, Mum: heartbroken and exhausted

Let me preface this by saying that I LOVE both these cats more than I believed possible. They have very distinct personalities and both have endeared themselves to me personally.

The problem is that Ziggy is constantly attacking Zuzu and when I finally separate them Zuzu comes back for more I don't for one minute believe they are playing either. She is always on the bottom on her back being bitten This morning he ended up on the bottom on his back, she was on her back on his belly, he had his paws around her and was biting and biting her neck. After three stuffy tosses they separated and stood on either side of me waiting to go again.

One or the other always has to be put in another closed room. They cannot roam the house together. I had an inkling of hope from my dog groomer last week who saw Ziggy and claims there is no way he is three. He is still kittenish and that is how kittens play. I have had people tell me to hit them (no way), water gun (Ziggy waits for me to spray and then carries on even madder), rehome (out of the question)

I have Feliway diffusers, Bach flower essences, have tried playing with them together and only treating them when they are together. Go downstairs for a nano second and all Hell breaks lose again

I guess I have to resign myself to separate lives being the way it is going to be and be happy if things improve but this is not what I had hoped for. :sad: I do love the two little devils but HATE what they bring out in each other.

Thanks, just had to vent because I know there are others who have had or are having kitty interaction problems and it is heartbreaking to watch :sad:
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