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We have made a little bit of headway. Some mornings are not as bad as others getting him in his cage. Once my dog is in his cage everything is fine, he does not bark or whine or anything. I have started getting up earlier and playing with him for a while before I go to work and it has helped. I also bought a new treat and give it to him only when he gets in his cage. I think a big mistake I have made is always picking him up and putting him in his cage instead of teaching him to go in there by himself when it is time for work. He is such a smart little thing and he knows when I am leaving - I really feel like that is the problem Any other time when I am home and he knows I am not leaving he is in and out of that cage tons of times.

As far as your little fella, I have no idea what is wrong. My dog does the complete opposite. Once he is his cage I can put my hands in there, take his collar off - no problem at all. I wish you luck - I know it is probably really tough especially since you are caging him at night. My dog used to not like being caged at night, so I let him sleep with me once he was housebroken - he is all I have and he is really spoiled!! Problem #2
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