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Just this week our terripooh has been doing the same thing growling and snapping when we put him in his crate. He seemed to not mind it for the first few weeks we had him (we only have him 3 weeks) He will go into the crate for his treat and chew toy but as soon as we put our hand on the door he starts to growl and snap. I spent a full hour this morning with a box of dog cookies trying to get him to let me close the door. I finally was able to close it a few times with just minor growling. I then locked it and un locked it. Then let him in for a little while then I locked it and walked away. he has been barking for 40 min when he stops I'll let him out. I don't know how I will put him to bed(he sleps in his crate) maybe with alot of nerve and a baseball glove on my hand (ha ha ) If anyone else has experienced this growling and nipping in the crate please lt us know what worked for you.
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