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Thank you for your suggestions! I do not put Sammie in his cage while I am home, the door is always open and he does go in and out of it. His food and water are hanging on the door, so that is always there. He does not sleep in it at night, he sleeps with me! His cage is located in my room and has always been in the same place. I can not think of anything that would have scared him in the cage. He is a VERY spoiled dog and is with me ALL the time unless I go to work, so maybe that is the problem, I just do not understand why he has changed all the sudden when it has never been an issue??

He has all of his favorite toys in there and treats - I may come up with something special that he really likes and give it to him only when he goes in his cage in the morning. I wll try it tommorrow - wish me luck.

I was going to take him to obedience, but the only night they have it here I can not go - so if that ever changes, I will take him in a heart beat!
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