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I'll put my , I got the Fuji f30 and I really like it, it was on sale as was the sony something w50 (I think).
It has enough settings to keep me amused, the video is nice but I'm just playing with that as a gimick. The photo's that I take correctly are good, the other ones (on the wrong settings) are poor, but thats because I wanted to see if it did really make any difference.
The memory cards were cheaper for the 1g than the Sony, the things takes some 580 shots on one charge highest quality with the screen flashing the pic for 1.5 seconds after the shot (so far I have not needed to recharge it), and it has a nice screen.
It has poor covers on the charge port and doesn't have an optical view finder (the sony does), the battery/card cover has a nice solid feel (why the other cover is so poor I don't know).
I'm happy with it but considering how old my last one was, a box brownie would have been better. I will keep my SLR but I don't think I'll ever be in a position to use it again, and the cost of the Digi SLRs is making them look viable.
Oh the Fuji also had lens adptors and the provision for a slave flash, 2 things I will probably end up with.
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