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Found Cat

Hi everyone,

It's Halloween and the ghouls of the world are out. This evening, when my first trick or treaters arrived, they were followed by an orange cat who it was clear later was not theirs. Well, the cat followed me in the house and when I checked him (and it is a him), he had string tied around his neck and his tail. The strings were loose so came off easily (Whew!).

He seems fine though was not happy to be picked up. He does follow me around but does not want to stay too close. I suepct he may be someone's pet but he is definitely NOT from my neighbourhood. He was starving even though he looks -at least at first glance - to be healthy. He cannnot eat enough!!

I am including pictures. He may be lost or he was abducted by someone and taken from his home.

I am naming him Garfield for the moment.

He is too hungry to be close to home but he does not look bedragled enough to have been out in the cold rain too long. He also makes no effort to go out when other trick or treaters come to the door. In fact, he runs when he hears the voices! He does not mind being brushed however so long as it's on his terms. I have already been given a few scratches by this guy but I think he is scared. I'd be too if I were him!
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