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I have a 4 1/2 year old Male, neutered American Eskimo. He has never exhibited such symptoms - although occasionally, when younger - say less than a year he would decide he had walked far enough when we had just gone on our normal route - and if your Eskie is like mine, walks can be a nightmare when they see something they want to bark at and they do want to walk everywhere but straight ahead. I was concerned that perhaps he had a health issue, but he didn't - just growing pains. Your posts did not state how old your dog is. Since your vet has done a full work-up and you did indicate skeletal - I am assuming this meant a check for patellar luxation and cruciate ligament. We do not give your dog Frontline - he is now on chewable Sentinel - has been for past 2 years. Initially we gave him topical Revolution (which if I recall correctly does have a flea treatment built in) but due to the double ruff around his neck, the manufacturers told vets that unless people with double-coated dogs actualy shaved a spot to apply the topical or were very good at getting all of the topical on to the skin, they should go to the chewable route - thank heavens for that. The Sentinel I do not believe has a flea treatment, but so far no fleas and he tolerates it well. He is actually on it for 12 months a year now - started this last year as apparently due to our warmer??? Toronto winters, many dogs have been coming down with roundworm etc. during January and the Sentinel helps prevent this. Your profile does not indicate where you live so not sure which products are available to you. Perhaps you should change the Heartworm/Fle med after speaking with your vet - or another vet. You might also lurk over on the Eskimo specific site - and do a search to see if others have had same problem. I know that some dogs have had issues with certain meds - just a matter of searching. I like to do a quick daily look just to see what is new in Eskiedom healthwise and also found an answer to prevent yellowing of eyes and a food alternative for my guy on that site.
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