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UPDATE: So, interestingly I mentioned these skin troubles with the dogs to some friends. One says that her friend in my city who is part of the agility club told her that a bunch of the dogs in the agility club were having all sorts of skin issues and after changing to bottled water for the dogs the symptoms in most of the dogs went away. How interesting.

So I changed Roxy and Peewee to bottled spring water and put Roxy back on the Acana Wild Prairie kibble for 10 days. It was then very obvious that the Acana Wild Prairie is a problem with Roxy.

So I switched to Canidae pureLAND kibble which is the grain-free Bison and Lamb recipe. This recipe has no chicken, no turkey, no fish, no grains. So this kibble is completely different than anything she has had so far. Sticking to the bottled spring water for now.

Peewee is still having issues with his skin on his belly and armpits where he licks and licks and licks. I'm not sure which came first - the licking or the rash. He goes through waves of raw skin, then dry peeled skin as it heals, then looks ok for awhile, then raw again. So I'm going to switch him back to Orijen Adult after he is done the bag of Acana Wild Prairie as Peewee has done well on the Orijen in the past (just stinky breath from high protein).
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