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Originally Posted by Myka View Post
MLisa, Roxy was on the Platinum Performance for 45 days with no increase of irritation. I was skeptical because of the ingredients you mention, and also the "Bio Sponge" is a beef product. I called them and they sent me the 45 day supply for a free trial. I have been out of the PP now for 3 weeks (with no noticed decrease in irritation), and should be getting a new bucket next week. The product definitely helped Roxy's coat which is very dry and flaky (although still shiny) when not on the product. I want a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral product for her, and also omega supplement (with no fish), so I figured I would give this stuff a try.
Sounds like it isn't causing trouble then, that's good. It looks like a good product, but it's always so hard to know.
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