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Originally Posted by mittens1997 View Post
Hi! My Names Janessa and I'm fifteen years old

I'm here to get general help with my dogs and maybe help others from time-to-time.

We live on forty acres and have pigs, sheep, dogs and cats.

I'm gonna introduce my pets to you now, just because i like to show them off.

We have three dogs, Charlie is mine, Dakota is my dads, and Millie is everyone's because she is so lovable. Although i end of training every one of them.

Meet Millie, She is a Border collie, we're not sure if shes a cross or not, I think shes crossed with a Australian shepherd, and my dad thinks purebred.
She is turning 4 on January 24th.

This is Dakota, she is a Anatolian Maremma X. She just turned a year old. We originally got her to guard the sheep, but shes a little chicken and is scared of the Coyotes, and the sheep! She was too sweet to give away so now she gets to stay as a yard dog. Dakota always has that dorky smile on her face, and one look at her will make her roll over for a tummy rub.

This is Charlie-Bean. Charlie is a border collie husky X, and she turned 1 the same day Dakota did, the two of them are best friends. Charlie was previously abused and I'm slowly working on getting her socialized and trained.

Awful picture, but meet Mittens. Shes 10 years old and i've had her for as long as i can remember. She's my cat and the sweetest one.

Next is Shiloh, shes a barn cat, She is about the size and weight of a six-maybe eight month old kitten, but shes actually a year and a half, shes a sweetheart too, always purs when you touch her.

Last is Cleo. Shes our other barn cat. Shes about 2.
I loves your four legged famliy members. They are beautiful.
I hope you'll post some photos of pigs and sheep too.
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