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Originally Posted by Sew-sew-steve View Post
i gave kiko to a close friend of mine that i've known for a very long time since my days in nova scotia.

im gonna try and contact animal friends and see what the deal is.
I'm glad you have a friend to take care of Kiko. It sounds like you are still considering the possibility of taking her to Animal Friends. If your friend is unable to look after her long term or you feel that she would be better off at Animal Friends, I think it is worth looking into. It sounds like it is a nice place and, once she were accepted, I'm sure she would be very well taken care of until they found her a permanent home. I know you love Kiko and will do whatever is best for her.

Originally Posted by Sew-sew-steve View Post
kinda felt like my room was empty today when i walked in. really sucks.

i asked my mom about allergy pills, and she said they dont work. please dont think of my mom as an old slouch who just wants to ruin my life.

she feels bad, i came back home and she said "i walked into your room today and was wondering that little cutie pie went."

and i said "some women kicked her out of the house!" and she gave me an im sorry kinda look and a hug.

she knows i love animals, just that she cant handle it. shes not allergic to the cat, shes allergic to other things, but any animals in the viccinity make the allergies significantly stronger.
I must admit that I did wonder if part of it was that she just didn't want to have animals around. Your mother sounds like a very nice lady. Sounds like she had a soft spot for Kiko too.

Originally Posted by Sew-sew-steve View Post
i will keep skimming through here but not really play a role in posting. maybe if i get another animal.

dont really fit in here. just too different. wrong ideas really falter with your respect. .
Originally Posted by Sew-sew-steve View Post
i will never stop loving animals! might even put a fish tank :P
I'm glad you will continue to pop in here, and you don't have to currently own a pet to post on here. If you happen to see a thread you feel that you want to respond to there is no reason not to do so.

It is obvious that you have a genuine love for animals so how can you not fit in? Differences are okay and people should respect those differences. As human beings we have far more similarities than differences. You came here with limited experience with animals but a strong willingness to learn and you certainly have my respect. Learning is a life long experience. Those of us who have owned pets for years are still learning new things and will ask for help and advice because we encounter a behaviour or illness that we don't know how to deal with.

If you do decide to get a fish tank and have any questions on how to take care of fish there are people here who have experience in that, too. One person who comes to mind is MyBirdIsEvil. She is quite knowledgeable on this subject. All the best!
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