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I came across this email that someone in Kuwait had posted on their weblog. She had received this email from an individual from Animal Friends League when she made inquries about what to do about all the strays that were around her home.

"Of course, PAWS never replied back, I don’t know if they’re THAT busy or they don’t take this seriously! A lovely lady from Animal Friends League replied back to her with this:
This is an ongoing problem in Kuwait in general and relocating them is not the answer because when you move one population into that of another, you have territory disputes and they end up hurting each other. There are far too many cats for us to help. I live in South Surra and the problem is far worse in older areas such as Shuwaikh. This problem has to be dealt with on a much larger scale and we are trying to work with the government but a solution is not in sight at this time. Although you are feeding them because you care for them, it is not always the best thing to do. Our trash bins are full of food and by feeding them and not sterilizing them so they are unable to breed, you are in fact making the problem worse. Let me explain. Basically by offering them food regularly, you are making them healthier and stronger which means they can breed more often and more of their kittens survive making the population get larger. You also teach them to rely on you and those younger ones that never had to learn to look for food are now completely relying on you and if you at some point needed to move, those cats would suffer very badly. If you want to manage this colony of cats, you need to first sterilize (desex so they cannot have babies) them then only feed them twice per week so that they can continue to hunt for their own food and rely on themselves. I know this is not the answer you were looking for but we have a lot of experience with this problem and it really is the best thing you can do for the cats. If you have any further questions please call me ########"
The above email sums up the situation with stray cats very well, not only in Kuwait, but elsewhere in the world, including Canada as well. It stresses the importance of spay/neuter. By feeding strays without sterilizing them you are doing more harm than good and making their situation worse in the long run.

catlover2's suggestion that you get an already vetted spayed/neutered cat from a shelter is, in my opinion as well, the best solution for you and the cheapest solution in the long run. However, at the same time I can fully understand your not wanting to turn your back on these kitties. I wouldn't be able to either and it would be wonderful if you are able to help them. The question is, do you have the time, energy and financial resources to handle all this. You haven't even been able to get Kiko vetted yet and she should be your first concern. There are too many homeless kitties in this world and we can't save them all.
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