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that sucks, cause honestly, i dont have the time, money, or energy to keep getting her to trust me. i can get her to trust me at my house. i get too tired trying to catch her, especially with the sun being as strong as it is, and a sweaty tiresome 20-30 minute ride from the mosque to my house.
im not being lazy, just trying to be logical. im gonna basically keep feeding it. but i dont know what to do, i might buy a cage and put food in it, catch it the same way i caught kiko. kiko didnt trust me until about an hour in that same room. btw shes much heavier now, about 1-3 pounds. more gentle too. i think these three little rugrats will be a great addition to her life.

i guess ill have to do what you suggested, keep giving her food and water until i can get her inside a box or something of that sort.
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