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She doesn't bite me, anymore - I've done the "ouch!" technique and she responds well to that. She had her shots on the 26th of March and I tried to call today to make an appointment, however she never called me back, so I will try again Saturday.

She snarls and snaps when she's been playing too much and is too riled up and is picked up - A little time in a playpen by herself and she's completely fine after. We try to get her over to my father's as often as possible. We have a 1 1/2 year old cat and a 16 year old dog. My dog is a bit too.. Old, to properly teach her to not bite (she doesn't nip, just tries to get up and walk away from Sophie), and when she's too rough with my cat he attacks her.

It's rare we can't keep an eye on her - If we do, we put her in her crate and she sleeps. She's never alone for more than an hour. Also, she sleeps at night in her crate.
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